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EMBERS by photographer Bing Nv.
This is a diary about pain.
Young souls wandered,
they finally learn to face the ugly topic,
with the mask of beauty.
This is my sixteen to eighteen years old traces.

Embers is a single-trip journey through a cure.
In order to face life, the artist went from experiments and encounters using the photographic medium for several years. The expression of feelings with art starts a long time ago, and the mix of beauty and disease acts like poetry of the old centuries, it’s a frame for remind us what is important, what deserves to be kept, and how fragile is the real beauty. It’s not a trick of sacred paintings, using pain and blood to engage audience in compassion. The blood here is the blood of life, reminding that we are alive.
Embers drive us, in an almost chronological timeline, by the river of life, rubbing and colliding itself on the rough walls of a preconceived social system, skinning out feelings and dismembering the innocence and the naiveness as we go forward. Natural or staged shots -there’s no debate to open about that- just can make us react, and feeling something out of appearances is not only challenging ourselves, but helps to step back and pause, to appreciate the whole view of existence.

Being a messenger transmitting this point of view, is a role where the young chinese photographer Bing Nv succeed brilliantly. Artist to follow closely, assuredly.

EMBERS by Bing Nv from Bromide books on Vimeo.

Book information :
Hard cover, 96 pages
Paper : Three different high quality papers (over 150g/m)
Print : Full offset, 107 plates quadri and black&white
Copper hotfoil print on linen cloth cover
Size (in mm) : 215 Width x 260 High
Limited edition of 500, hand numbered.

More about the artist :