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Night dew, wet shoes;
Melancholy past, rest all here.

Roll up the pen in the note,
Hidden unexplored secret.

Bing Nv.

Before doing "Rebuild" and “遍地奇花也”, i have been using photos to tell stories.

Some people understand, some people just saw as a collection, it doesn’t matter.

In 2016 the first official book of my life "EMBERS" was published.
Unfortunately, the content did not achieve the desired effect.

The internet is just fast food culture, I wanted to do a better book.

Lot of thanks

-Keep It Real-

Dàshān  -大山-

The last opus of Bing Nv is another wandering through the secrets of her life. Its usual visual poetry overcharged with emotions makes us travel again between tough life and love, between concrete and nature, and maybe in the in-between crack where the light steps in darkness.

You’re looking for rare books? Each copy is definitely unique this time. You will own a real part of her life. Forget people putting a print to increase the price of a “collector” edition. The book is a treasure chest, sprinkled with real things between pages, making every book a unique piece of her life.
Leaves, flowers, candies, balloons… and even real films from her previous works.

No more replicas, it’s a total abandonment of herself that you gonna have in your hands.

(Surprises are randomly dropped, don’t ask for a particular bunch of things, each book contains several )

Book information :
Soft cover with french flaps, 120 pages
Print : Full offset quadri
Paper : Satin 170g
Size (in mm) : 180 Width x 250 High
Contains extra material like leaves, flowers, candies, films...

More about the artist :